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Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit (ESA) is a systematic approach to evaluate potential electrical hazards and to provide suggestions for improvement. ESA is an important tool for identifying deterioration of standards, areas of risks or vulnerability,electric hazards and potential accidents in plants for determining necessary action to minimize hazards and for ensuring that the whole safety effort is effective & meaningful. With the rich experience of the industry,we are offering auditing services for Electrical Safety.The offered services help the clients in identifying potential electrical hazards to protect or minimize loss of life and property.

Electricity makes human life easy & comfortable but it can prove to be of high danger if circuits are not protected properly. Apart from property loss and equipment damage, electrical hazards may lead to fatalities and injuries to a person caused by electric shock and burns.

Service Provided by Electrical Safety Department:

Here are our principles that we always stick to for successful growth.

  • New factory installation as per standard & code
  • Provide as built and proper electrical Single Line Diagram (SLD), Electrical Layout Drawing (ELD).
  • Calculating factory load we provide material estimation with installed electrical equipment.
  • Thermographic, Insulation Survey and Power Quality Audit
  • Switchgear and Protective Devices Survey.
  • Electrostatic Grounding and Bonding Survey.
  • Lightning Protection Design & Installation
  • Training on Electrical Hazards & Protection.

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